‘Precious’ Sanctuary residency reopens


A 'precious' residency opportunity for new, emerging and established artists and performers has reopened at Lighthouse.

Following the indisputable success of the last two years, Sanctuary 23 will again see Lighthouse open its
Sherling Studio venue and function rooms as creation spaces this summer when they will be available for
free to enable artists and performers from all art forms, as well as visual artists, to progress their practice.
“We know how precious space to experiment is to artists who are developing innovative work and we are
delighted to continue this support,” says Martha Earley, Creative Engagement Manager at Lighthouse.

“We are very proud of the work that has been developed through Sanctuary in the last two years and have
widened our reach to encompass both local and national artists. This year we are also opening out our
support to visual artists, further broadening the artistic offer at Lighthouse.”

When faced with having to close its venues to public performance in lockdown, Lighthouse responded
positively, consolidating and extending its Creative Engagement and Artist Development activities, most
notably with the Sanctuary residency scheme and in 2021, some 19 companies and artists – more than 80
individual creatives – benefited from the offer.

Last year, a further 17 companies and artists – more than 90 individual creatives – were able to make use of
the space and technical support available at Lighthouse in Sanctuary 22.

Crucially, artists will again be able to apply for bursaries to cover costs such as accommodation and travel.
“Sanctuary artists have become a core part of our Lighthouse family and opportunities to engage with
Lighthouse have developed far beyond their residencies,” adds Martha.

Future plans include offering networking opportunities for artists during their residency as well as training
and workshop opportunities.

A full information pack and application form is available at