A creative space for artist development

Sanctuary 2023 is now closed for applications


Lighthouse recognises the challenges facing artists in these uncertain times. Since summer 2020 Lighthouse has opened Sherling Studio and its function rooms as artistic development spaces throughout the summer.

Sanctuary gives you the space and time to think, dream, play, try, fail, succeed, finesse, and create.

Sanctuary runs across the summer months at Lighthouse. It offers space for artists/ company to develop new shows or ideas.

What can Sanctuary offer:

  • A space for artist development, studio or function room spaces
  • There is a limited fund for travel and accommodation where needed
  • Limited technical support
  • Sharings / creative engagement opportunities to help develop the show.

Who can apply?

  • We encourage all artists from every art form to apply.
  • Artist or company who needs space to develop new show or are looking to develop an idea on to a bigger stage.

When can I apply?

Applications are now closed.


Under our Sanctuary scheme we have supported the following artists and companies with space, expenses, and technical support.  

  • Sanctuary 2021 Artists – Ardent Theatre, Conflicted Theatre, Danielle Cooper, DEBUT, Doppelganger, Elizabeth Gunawan, Green Submarine, Hannah Kumari, Joli Vyann, Louise Jordan, Michele O’Brien, Paper Mug, The Last Inklings, Translatlantyk2
  • Sanctuary 2022 Artists – Annie Herridge, Christopher and Desiree, Company of Fools, DorsetBorn, Elizabeth Gunawan, Emilie Barton, Grace Lovelass, Hannah Kumari, Holly Joy, Louise Jordan, Maia Ayling, Michele O’Brien, Moneypenny and Tuffrey, Outland Opera, Playwell Productions, Ryan Murphy, SISATA, Stuff and Nonsense Theatre, Tilted Wig, Transatlantyk2, Treehouse Theatre, Will Dowland.