Love Lighthouse is about inspiring audiences, helping artists to create, and building a legacy of artistic provision in the South West curating and producing an inclusive arts offering for the whole community and ensuring that everyone can experience art that they enjoy.

Over the next three years we plan  to expand our programme of activity. This includes:

  • Experience – Providing the best live arts experience through a diverse programme of arts experiences for the whole community in theatre, music, dance, cinema, circus and comedy.
  • Talent – Providing a world-class facility to grow and nurture the very best talent from our community through new learning opportunities, investment in young and emerging artists and opportunities for artists to showcase their skills.
  • Learning and Participation  – Launching new and exciting opportunities for young people in our community to participate in high quality arts activities and providing a base for them to showcase their work.

These plans are built on the need to ensure the venue is fit for purpose in the long term.

Lighthouse champions inclusivity by curating and producing a diverse artistic offering to ensure that everyone in the community can engage and participate in the arts. This is alongside the delivery of a wide-reaching learning and participation programme to ensure that families, children and young people can experience and take part in the arts.

Your support is vital to Lighthouse – not just now, but in the long term. Whilst we generate some income through ticket sales and our entertainment facilities, this income is not enough to sustain our current offer or to launch our exciting plans.

As a registered charity, we are indebted to our generous supporters, who ensure that we can continue to provide a high quality cultural offering for the community. Now, we need your support moving forward to ensure that Lighthouse can become the cultural leader in the South West.

It's impossible to imagine Poole without Lighthouse; it's just such an odd thought. If Lighthouse wasn't there it would seriously restrict the work we are able to do with students, not only in terms of Theatre Studies, but other cultural activities as well. Lighthouse is a central part of what we do, it's incredibly important

Naomi Oliver, Head of Theatre, Poole High School