Artists are our currency. They light up all we do and give purpose to our business.

The abiding narrative in these straitened times is that arts organisations are on the back foot and holding on to the purse strings, so what is happening at Lighthouse is a bold step forward. We’re taking a deep breath and sending out a message that celebrates a powerful artistic statement as well as some amazing educational and participatory activities.

At our heart we must ask why we exist and for whom? The answers are complex and our audiences varied, but we feel there is a space that we should and must fulfil in order to support, nurture and celebrate the work that is and will be made in Poole and the wider Dorset area – that is where our work begins.


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Our challenge is to enable people that are already making work, or that want to make work or that have yet to find the twinkle in their eye that they will want to make work in the future. Lighthouse can be the space where they meet, where they grow and where they develop.

Artistic Producer Stephen Wrentmore

We aspire to be part of a network of extraordinary art that, through a collective endeavour, means the people of the South West have access to quality creative experiences on their doorstep. Through partnerships and shared ambition we make the money go further, efficiently making all this possible.

Lighthouse Presents

Beyond the work of others Lighthouse is also developing and making our own work. In the Sherling Studio this includes 'Archipelago', a world premiere of Caridad Svich’s play, which we prepared for its national tour.

Angel Exit developed and previewed their new production, 'The Drive', with us prior to its national tour.

REND Productions collaborated with us, to present their powerful one-act reimagining of the apocryphal legend of 'Judith'.

With Duncan Reeves we co-produce an annual pantomime that is developed and rehearsed with and through Lighthouse.

Mac's Arcadian co-produced their first play, 'Great Odds', with Lighthouse. The play had its world premiere with us in October 2017.

Gecko, a brilliant and innovative theatre company, brought their production of 'The Wedding' to Lighthouse in October 2017. As an associate of the piece we were delighted to share this amazing company with our audiences.

Doppelganger and Junior Jones developed 'The Invisible Man' with us over the summer.