Tuesday 24 May

  • The first day will find artists and companies including Angel Exit, Gobbledegook, Stuff and Nonsense, Louise Jordan, Gemma Aldred and Starecase Productions – several of whom were part of last year’s Sanctuary initiative – showcasing excerpts from productions. In the evening the incredible cabaret-circus artiste Charlie Bicknell will stage her Dearly Beloved show in the Sherling Studio.

Wednesday 25 May

  • A day of debate and provocations. A time for professional performers, theatre-makers, producers, and promoters working in Dorset to reflect, make connections and contribute to future planning.

    Day Two will find organisations including Lighthouse, Activate and the Arts Development Company, as well as artists, in a symposium event examining how best to support artists and further develop the arts in Dorset.



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Schedule for Tuesday 24th May

Schedule for Wednesday 25 May

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