We’ve done all we can to make sure you, your family and friends – as well as our teams – can enjoy a visit to Lighthouse as safely as possible. To make sure you enjoy your visit to Lighthouse we’ve put extra measures in place so that everything is clean and safe for you and for our teams.

Booking online is encouraged, making your visit to Lighthouse as contactless as possible. 

Tickets can be accessed from your email account - from your booking confirmation email (pdf) to show on your smartphone, through print at home tickets or as a physical ticket that will be posted. The barcode on your ticket will be scanned before you go into the auditorium.

Our café, foyer and performance spaces are ventilated using fresh air drawn in from the outside. Air is not recycled

The theatre has a dedicated, independent ventilation unit that only serves that space. Extraction fans in the ceiling lift air away whilst fresh air is pumped in. The unit pushes through 8 litres of fresh air per second  per person.

Ventilation in the Concert Hall  has a dedicated, independent ventilation unit that uses fresh air with added colling via a water coil.  The unit pushes through 8 litres of fresh air per second, per person. Extraction fans in the ceiling lift air away from the stall and balcony.

Our Main bar is ventilated by the Natural Ventilation Stack (NVS) on the front of the building.  This pumps fresh air from outside into the bar/foyer area and extracts the air via vents about the bar and in the ceiling.  Our studio bar uses a ventilation system and also draws from the NVS.

The Gallery has a dedicated, independent ventilation unit that draws fresh air into the space.

Our already high cleaning standards have been enhanced by a new cleaning protocol that covers all areas of the building. We disinfect all areas of the building at regular intervals throughout the day and evening to help keep you safe. All our venue seating, foyers and carpets undergo a weekly ‘fogging’ treatment to quickly and effectively disinfect surfaces and surroundings, providing protection for up to 30 days.

All the toilets at Lighthouse are cleaned frequently and the frequency of checks have increased. We work together with our customers to ensure that toilets are clean and safe at all times. 

All customer toilets are stocked with hand soap. Stringent handwashing guidelines are in place for all employees to supplement our current personal hygiene policy. 

Clean hands are safer hands. Hand sanitiser stations are provided throughout the building for customers and employees.



Please respect the personal choices of others and our staff to help keep Lighthouse a safe and enjoyable place for everyone.

Wherever possible, we are encouraging contactless or card payments – the safest way to pay. 

All our team have received training to confidently work with our new protocols, to look after themselves and you, our customers. PPE is provided to employees where the risk assessment has deemed necessary. Our team are on hand to offer assistance to customers.


It has been a difficult year for many, so please be respectful of our tireless staff and allow us all to enjoy the incredible shows Lighthouse has to offer.