Opportunity: South Coast Music Partnership – Chairperson for the Music Hub Strategic Board


Salary: Voluntary - Unpaid Position
Deadline: 1st July 2024
Interview: TBC
Applications emailed to: music@southcoastmusic.org

South Coast Music Partnership (SCMP) is working with partners across the region network to recruit a new Chair for its Strategic Board.

We believe music has the power to transform lives through music. This is an exciting time for music education as the sector continues to develop and we are working together to ensure we can meet the needs of children and young people most effectively across the region.

We are seeking a Chair for the Hub’s Strategic Board to ensure strong governance and to work with the Strategic Board members and the Consortium members to effectively deliver the National Plan for Music Education.

The consortium consists of:

As Chair of the Strategic Board, you will work with the Consortium Heads and Board members to develop and steer a high quality and inclusive music education offer that will impact positively on the lives of children and young people across the region, both in and out of school.

Our mission is to support all children and young people to learn and make music through inclusive partnership working.

If you are willing to commit your time and expertise to building an inclusive music education culture where all children and young people are valued, we would like to hear from you. Together we can support the music education workforce and ensure that a range of diverse and relevant musical opportunities and progressive pathways are accessible to all.

The overarching priorities of SCMP are to deliver the National Plan for Music Education priorities through:

  • Strategic leadership of the music workforce
  • Empowering effective music leadership in schools
  • Enabling distributed leadership with partners and key stakeholders – including young

This role is fixed term (September 2024-August 2025) with the potential for extension. Unfortunately, we are not able to accept applications from anyone employed by any of the councils represented in the Consortium.

Please email expressions of interest to music@southcoastmusic.org with a CV or equivalent and statement of 400-500 words outlining how your skills and experience meet the requirements of the role. If you require any additional support or adaptations to assist in your application, please contact music@southcoastmusic.org to discuss.


Supporting Links:

  • Arts Council Music Hub Investment Programme Information Page: https://www.artscouncil.org.uk/ our-open-funds/music-hub-investment


Chairperson for the SCMP Strategic Board – Job Description

Key roles and responsibilities

  • Chairing four quarterly online meetings of the Strategic Board each year
  • Ensuring effective governance within the Board’s Terms of Reference that assists Consortium partners to:
    • Make joint strategic decisions on priorities and finance relating to music across the SCMP region to deliver the National Plan for Music Education
    • Identify areas of need and programme activities accordingly
    • Promote the role of SCMP across the wider education and cultural communities
    • Ensure SCMP can provide accurate and timely data returns to Arts Council England
    • To act as a critical friend, advising and challenging, and holding to account, the

Consortium Heads, their organisations and partners accordingly

  • Promoting a culture of openness and debate by facilitating the effective contribution of all Board representatives, including youth voice representation, and ensuring constructive relationships between the Consortium, partner organisations and schools
    • Lead and support other Board members to fulfil their responsibilities and ensure access to information to enhance the overall contribution of the Board
    • Work with Consortium Heads to audit, review and manage the representation of skills and diversity in the Board membership
    • Manage any issues around conflict of interest on the Board, and ensure membership

is regularly refreshed and includes a diverse representation of stakeholder voices

  • Support with fundraising initiatives and act as an advocate for the Hub externally
  • Liaise with the Consortium Heads and key partners as required between meetings
  • Agree agendas ahead of meetings and define clear action points arising
  • Represent and attend key meetings with Arts Council England and Consortium Heads as required.


  • Ability to act impartially, i.e. independent of any business, family or other relationship, with SCMP and its partners, and ensure strong governance of the


Strategic Board

  • Commitment to the ambition and principles of the National Plan for Music Education
  • Knowledge and understanding of the principles of equity, diversity and inclusion
  • Ability to demonstrate experience and a passion for music and cultural education
  • Independent judgement and the ability to think strategically and creatively in the context of the organisation and a rapidly changing external environment
  • Ability to facilitate decision making and support collaborative working across SCMP
  • Motivation to advocate for SCMP and support fundraising initiatives
  • Ability to build strong working relationships
  • Strong negotiation skills
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills
  • Ability to be objective



  • Knowledge and understanding of the education, cultural and community sectors
  • Knowledge and understanding of the region covered by SCMP
  • Experience of implementing governance and quality assurance frameworks
  • Experience of working with a broad range of stakeholders
  • Experience of overseeing financial accountability


Desirable roles and responsibilities

  • Represent and attend occasional key events on behalf of SCMP
  • Experience of working in sectors where young people are a major stakeholder/client group