Lighthouse Academy expands learning and artistic support


Lighthouse is proud to announce the launch this week of Lighthouse Academy, offering unique talent development and high quality training opportunities in the arts to young people and artists.

The new flagship programme for creative engagement at Lighthouse, the Academy aims to be a beacon for artistic progression and development in the south-west, nationally, and internationally, acting as a hub for artists, community members, and young people to explore creative ideas and develop artistic networks.

“Lighthouse Academy is not your classic school; it is a school of thought,” explains Martha Earley, Creative Engagement Manager.  

“We believe in training and supporting young people and artists to create their own work. We want to develop pathways and open doors for artists and young people. Lighthouse Academy is a beacon, a hub of creative energy – we are just here to facilitate the growth.”

The Academy’s work falls into two broad strands of activity: 

  • Next Generation Lighthouse: opportunities for young people including existing Young Writers and Young Technicians courses as well as forthcoming new courses for Young Producers and Young Performers working towards creating a Next Generation Festival. Lighthouse Academy will also develop a new Youth Board to advise and inform strategic decision-making and continue the successful Partner Schools initiative. 
  • Artists at Lighthouse: developing relationships with all levels and disciplines of artists, from visual artists to performing artists from all backgrounds. This incorporates the Sanctuary programme of artistic residencies and the expansion of R&D support establishing the Sherling Studio as a creation space for artist development. The Academy also incorporates the Lighthouse Playwriting Network online forum, in-person networking events and an open call playwriting event for 10-minute plays to be recorded at Lighthouse. 

These two strands focus on offering training and development to young people and artists who are looking to grow and develop their careers in the creative industries.  

“All of the new initiatives we are planning to add to Lighthouse Academy are being carefully considered with our amazing partners,” adds Martha. “We are surrounded and supported by some of the most fantastic arts and educational partners and Lighthouse Academy wants to continue to grow these relationships for the benefit of artists and young people’s training opportunities. 

“Lighthouse Academy is at the beginning of its journey in establishing its pedagogy. However, it already has a rich history of working in partnership with wonderful arts organisations and applying 360° learning to projects, allowing participants to learn about all elements of the business when training as an actor/writer/technician.” 

Future plans include Dorset Artists Festival and the further integration of Arts Awards delivery to develop creative training opportunities specifically for schools and teachers.