Community Play Designer


About the project:

Set primarily in 1681 Salt takes place in Poole, Dorset, onboard a ship crossing the Atlantic from Poole to Newfoundland and in a small community on the shores of Newfoundland. Action also takes place in present day (2023) Poole. Salt features a chorus of otherworldly characters called Salt who manipulate and narrate the action of the play.
Written by Stephanie Dale and devised by Angel Exit Theatre (directors Tamsin Fessey and Lynne Forbes), Salt is the result of a long process of research and development during which the directors visited Newfoundland, carried out R&D with professional actors (, and facilitated workshops with community groups in Poole.
In addition to the performances of Salt in the concert hall at Lighthouse there will also be outdoor pop-up performances on Poole High Street, in the Old Town, and around the Quay on the Friday and Saturday daytimes, which will feature music, songs and large puppets.
Other members of the creative team will include a puppet designer / maker, lighting designer, costume supervisor, workshop facilitators, music director, composer, two professional actors, a community play officer (producer).


Key dates:

  • Monthly production meetings (online): March to July.
  • Rehearsals and community making workshops with community cast April to July
  • Full time rehearsals at Lighthouse with the professional company. Evening rehearsals with community company: 17th – 22nd July
  • Get in: 24th – 26th July Concert Hall Lighthouse
  • Performance dates: Thursday 27th, Friday 28th, Saturday 29th and Sunday 30th July 2023.
  • Get out: 1st – 2nd August
  • All rehearsals and performances will be in Poole, Dorset.