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English Touring Opera


Sat 16 Nov 2024

Based on Hans Christian Andersen’s The Galoshes of Fortune, The Wellies is a fun and immersive story about magic, splashing, and being and being careful what you wish for.

Milly is bored. She’s stuck at home; it’s raining outside, and she’s played with all her toys. She finds an amazing pair of shiny talking wellies with a special secret power; every time you jump in a puddle, the splash you to any time and place you desire…

The Wellies takes its audience on an adventure propelled by kids desires and passions, and the delight of splashing in a puddle! Every place the wellies takes us has a different feel and engages the children’s senses in a new way. It centres on an imaginative and brave central character, and the journey she goes on with her new welly friends, both relishing an adventure, and appreciating home.



Composer Joanna Marie Skillett
Writer Tatty Hennessy