Salisbury Museum Presents

Traces: Pre-Historic Britain from the Air

An exhibition of work by David R Abram

Thu 7 Mar - Sat 30 Mar

Featuring large-scale prints from his best-selling book the 'Aerial Atlas of Ancient Britain' (Thames & Hudson), David R Abram’s ‘Traces’ reveals the hidden wonders of prehistoric Britain from a completely new perspective.

The photographer spent over a decade exploring archaeological sites across Britain, capturing them in low-angled sunlight at dawn. Whether Neolithic tombs on Cranborne Chase, Bronze Age stone circles in West Cornwall or Iron Age hillforts overlooking the Stour Valley, the subjects cast a powerful spell.  From the height of a hovering kestrel are unveiled subtle interplays of shadows and light, and intriguing connections between the monuments and their settings.

Were these ancestral creations intended as a form of sophisticated ceremonial land art, or did the beautiful visions hiding in plain sight behind our hedgerows and on our uplands evolve by chance? Come along and decide for yourself . . .

This exhibition in our Main Gallery is free to attend.