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Senbla Presents

The Van Morrison Alumni Band

Sun 20 Oct 2024

A company of musicians & singers who over the years have been hand-picked by Van Morrison to perform and record with him, have formed a repertory company unlike any other.

This astonishing collection of musicians have collectively  performed thousands of concerts all over the world with Van Morrison, as well as collectively appearing on a staggering 845 Van Morrison recording credits, covering decades of live performances and recording sessions with the legendary songwriter.


Hosted by Saxophonist, BBC Radio 2 & Jazz FM Broadcaster and Musical Director, Leo Green, who has performed several hundreds of concerts with Van Morrison and who appears on 63 recordings, across 7 Van Morrison albums, these shows feature songs performed faithfully and respectfully – as they appear on recordings or live performances – in many cases, that these musicians actually played and appeared on.


Van Morrison Alumni currently features: Matt Holland (Trumpet), Alec Dankworth (Bass), Robin Aspland (Piano), Ralph Salmins (Drums), along with a supporting cast of incredible musicians and singers, who have included: Al Cherry (Guitar), Gary Baldwin (Hammond), Snowboy (Percussion), Marianne Haynes (Violin), Emma Smith (Vocals), Wayne Hernandez (Vocals), Vanessa Haynes (Vocals), Jill Marie Cooper (Vocals), Andy Caine (Vocals), Roo Savill (Vocals) & Nick Shirm (Vocals).