Inside Out Dorset

Serving Sounds

The Working Boys Club

Sat 16 – Sun 17 Sep 2023

Lighthouse is delighted to be a partner of the Inside Out Dorset festival, curated by Activate Performing Arts from 15 to 24 September.
In particular, Lighthouse is supporting the Poole events during the opening weekend of this international biennial festival of outdoor arts. Shows are taking place in Falkland Square and Pitwines Close on Saturday. Plus, High Street and Kingland on Sunday.

Have some fun at the Serving Sounds bar – a multi-sensory sound installation that creates connection through music. A bar that serves bass not beer. To find out more visit:

Serving Sounds – Activate (

This interactive work is playful and joyful. Up to four people, of all ages, can be at the bar at any one time and each experience lasts up to the length of a song.

As you arrive, you’ll find the ordinary items you’d usually expect to find, such as glasses, beermats, the odd bit of change. But at this bar, these items when touched will create a groove, a sound, strings, a snare, maybe a guitar, or synths if you like.

Full programme: Inside Out Dorset – Activate (