AUB Student Exhibition

Wed 1 May - Wed 8 May

Reflections will be flooding Poole Lighthouse with its wide range of forms and thematic elements, so take a dive into each artists’ mind.

Water is at the heart of our being. We are made up of 65% water, and yet it seeps into aspects of our lives whilst mostly going unnoticed. Historically, water was, and still is, key for travel and transport, our goods arrive by shipping container, water is studied by scientists and new discoveries are consistently being made, so many career opportunities have arisen in relation to water. We use water for play, education, hygiene, and even as a metaphor in our everyday language.

Reflections invites viewers to take a plunge into connections and relationships with water, where a group of artists from Arts University Bournemouth discuss themes including feminism, nature, history, sentimentality and politics. In what aspects can water dilute our lives? What is the true power that water has in comparison to mankind? With this vast variation of themes and interests, Lighthouse in Poole is set to be flooded with works in relation to nature, emotions, nostalgia, location, and culture.

Featuring work by Ashwini Ashok Amberker, Arian Bahader, Ella Bailey, Charlotte Corr, Jenna Davis, Emma Delaroue, Loryn Doyle, Megan Edwards, Naomi Gennace, Flo Griffith, Mansi Gupta, Ellie Hall, Noelle Hanna, Keira Hassard, Samantha Hawes, Tallulah Heaver, Harsh Hingu, Vicky Kendall, Hannah King, Kardelen Kurtolgu, Cat Lees, Felix Llewelyn, Marco Moreale, Yasmin Seyfollahi, Stephanie Sheldon, Oliwia Stefanska, Sue Vaidyanond and Lara Zimmern.

Location: Second Floor Foyer

Opening Times: Tue – Sat, 10am – 8pm