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BSO: Heroes & Superheroes

The best symphonic films scores of all time!

Sat 15 Mar 2025

Conductor; Pete Harrison

Heroes both historical and fictitious as well as superheroes of the Marvel and DC comics are a fertile mine of inspiration for Hollywood and some of the best big screen adventures ever.  With music from the glorious days of Technicolor© to the recent blockbusters of today


Korngold          Robin Hood March
Bernstein         The Magnificent Seven
Barry               Dances With Wolves – John Dunbar Theme
J Williams        Hook – Flight To Neverland
Jarre                Lawrence Of Arabia
Zimmer           Pirates of the Caribbean; Dead Man’s Chest – Jack Sparrow
Zimmer           The Dark Knight
Horner             Apollo 13
Shore               Lord Of The Rings – The Fellowship
Zimmer           Angels & Demons – Illuminati
Horner             Braveheart
J Williams        Saving Private Ryan
Barry               On Her Majesty’s Secret Service
Giacchino        Solo: A Star Wars Story – The Adventures of Han
J Williams        Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom