Sanctuary 22– a creative space for artist development

In recognition of how the challenging the past two years have been to our industry we are opening our Sherling Studio and Function rooms as Creation spaces throughout the summer of 2022.

This builds on the overwhelming success of last years’ Sanctuary which led us to offering space to 19 companies and artists – a total of 80 individual creatives benefited from this opportunity.

We are inviting creative practitioners to use our spaces to progress their practice.  We are open to artists from any performative artform, from theatre-making to song writing, and the space can be used to rehearse, undertake research and development, and/or hold workshops and sharing (withing applicable guidelines).

Sanctuary gives you the space and time to think, dream, play, try, fail, succeed, finesse, and create.

To apply for this opportunity, please send your completed Sanctuary Application form to

To find out more about this opportunity, check out the SANCTUARY Information Pack.