Last week we were visited by two enthusiastic work experience students from the local area. Keen to explore the possibility of a career in the performing arts, they came to Lighthouse to find out what sort of opportunities are open to them in the world of theatre, film, music and visual arts! As part of their time with the Artistic and Learning team, we asked them to reflect on their time here, what they had learnt and how they felt about Lighthouse now. Here’s what they had to say…..

My name is Lauren, I am 14 years old and I go to Corfe Hills School. I decided to do my two-week work experience at Lighthouse because I wanted to understand how a theatre is run and all the requirements needed to put on a show. I also wanted to experience the working environment, get to know the staff and to learn more about everyone’s jobs. So far on my work experience, I have worked on stage door which is the entrance where all staff and acts arrive in the morning. The tasks on stage door include logging deliveries and letters, answering the phone, giving staff keys and radios, putting on laundry and sending envelopes through franking machines and then sorting them into first class and second class. Another department I have worked in is Marketing, where I learnt how Lighthouse’s website gets updated and edited, the process of making posters for shows and concerts and how advertising works. I then spent some time writing out invitations for the Lighthouse 40 event. I have also worked in the technical department, where I helped technicians put up set, connect speakers and microphones to audio systems and assemble equipment. Though there wasn’t a lot I was allowed to do, it showed me how much time and work goes into preparing events. This afternoon I had the opportunity to sit down with Stephen, who is Lighthouse’s Artistic Producer. He talked to me about his job and what it involves. He talked about the ways he finds shows and how he plans his schedule on an 18-month loop, ensuring all departments have plenty of time to prepare and organise for events. He then discussed with me my GCSE choices and my hopes for a future career in performing arts. Even though I am not entirely sure what I want to do, it was a beneficial conversation to have as it was useful to hear opinions from people who have experience in theatre careers.

My name is Thomas and I go to Lychett Minster School. I chose to do extra work experience at Lighthouse because I’ve performed here with my performing arts school ‘Swish of the Curtain’ and I wanted to see what preparation people have to do for a show. I feel like getting work experience all round will help me figure out what to do to prepare for a show. On my first day at Lighthouse I was shown everything around the stage and the tech rooms which really gave me a greater understanding of what I wanted to know. I also helped out with getting everything ready for the ‘Brainiacs’ show, including the food, drinks and the merchandise stand. My aim after school is to become an actor (ideally TV/Movie) or a musician which has been kind of a theme in my family because my parents are both musical and my grandad became a well-known musician for playing the harmonichord with his friends. He played on the TV and toured almost everywhere. Unfortunately, I never met him, but I don’t want his love for music to die. He visited Lighthouse a few times because he was well-known for his music, which is another reason I wanted to do work experience here.

Published 5 April 2018