A first taste of cinema


Local mum Becky and her partner Damian thought it was about time their five-year-old twins Luca and Lyla made their first visit to the Cinema. Here’s how it went... 

After putting it off for a while, we finally took the twins to the Cinema at Lighthouse – and what a success it was!  

I had been dreading the fidgets, the never-ending hunger whingeing and the general worry of what if they didn’t like the film and had to leave – but these concerns apply to most adults anyway, so we decided to stop letting them put us off. 

In true infant style, they were initially more concerned about getting their ice cream than anything else. We were greeted by the friendly steward and found our seats in prime location mid-centre with lots of leg room (you know the row… thanks, Ticket Office!). The atmosphere was relaxed, and the Cinema was quiet enough for people to sit with a few empty seats around them, but busy enough to create a collective sense of excitement and for the twins to see other children showing such impressive cinema etiquette.

Yeah, right!  

That said, it was a truly enjoyable experience and my fears proved futile as they sat and watched the whole film happily. They were able to move about and sit on our laps if they wanted to, talk, laugh – I really didn’t care, I felt completely at ease.  

Thanks Lighthouse, for a great first trip to the cinema, we’ll definitely come back again soon.