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BHP Global & Lighthouse present

Bombay Bicycle Club

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Thu 11 Jul 2024

Lighthouse is pleased to announce that Indie rock favourites Bombay Bicycle Club are playing the Concert Hall touring their latest album, My Big Day. A record that features a host of guest vocalists that perfectly encapsulates the breadth of the band’s widespread appeal, including Damon Albarn, Jay Som, Nilüfer Yanya, Holly Humberstone and the legendary Chaka Khan.

Formed in 2005, Bombay Bicycle Club’s debut album, I Had The Blues But I Shook Them Loose (2009), introduced a youthful blend of folk, post punk and electronic sounds to the ’00s indie rock scene. In 2016, the band went on indefinite hiatus as the members pursued their own projects – both musical and political – before reuniting in 2020 for Everything Else Has Gone Wrong.

Bombay Bicycle Club have been writing songs for Saturday nights and songs for Sunday mornings since their mid-teens. They’re now barely in their thirties and remain one of the most inventive, insistent and, arguably, influential British guitar bands of the past generation says much to their powers of reinvention. But it also speaks to the band’s effortless ear for a melody and the masters of its deployment.

“The band has such innovative and passionate energy, truly great musicians. Absolute vibes.”  

This led to Jack jetting off to LA to capture her distinctive vocal line as Tekken 2 showcases not just the band’s versatile musical prowess, but also their capacity to attract monumental talent spanning various music domains. 

“It has been a pretty crazy journey,” says Jack. “From sitting on my sofa messing around with a keyboard and drum machine to sitting across from Chaka Khan in a fancy LA studio giving her singing directions. 

“Chaka was an absolute superstar and the whole experience was so positive. I think the song reflects that – it’s about coming together, putting any bad thoughts aside and just enjoying the moment.” 

My Big Day is an album that means business, sculpted by one of Britain’s best guitar bands and as they take it to stages across the world, it’s a show you won’t want to miss.


Event information: 

Please note, this is a standing gig. If your ticket is in the Stalls, you’ll be standing downstairs and if your ticket is in the Balcony, you’ll be seated upstairs.

Age Guidance: Standing area 14+. Those under 14 require a Seated ticket and are to be accompanied by an adult 18+