This event is part of Inside Out Dorset. It is free to the public and takes place in Poole Lower High Street and Quay. 

Two men, young at heart, in motion, whether in equilibrium or falling. On their back, a raw wooden box, as heavy as their past, as empty as their future. Without a word, dancing to its beat, they make their own way. Their bodies speak, charting their journey frivolously and with lightness of youth, full of strength and hope. Though danger threatens, the two charge courageously into uncertainty. As they defy gravity together, we embark with them on their Odyssey.

Enjoy this energetic acrobatic performance about migration. Expect dance, movement, mime and live music.

The company is supported by Conseil Régional du Grand-Est. With the creation grant 2017 of Conseil Général de la Meuse.

Photo Credit : Julien Athonady

For further information, you can visit: Inside Out Dorset

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