If mathematics is the objective language with which to describe the universe, then 'Johnny Ball's Wonders Beyond Numbers' is its travel guide.

Who better than Johnny Ball to take us on a magical tour of everything mathematical? "Think Of A Number" TV Shows Inspired a whole generation towards careers in Maths, Science, Technology and Education.

Now he's doing it for their children and grandchildren and his style is still as engaging as it always was. His infectious energy is not diminished as he confidently asks young people: "why can't you be a genius?"

Wonders Beyond Numbers tells the greatest story of all. "Without maths we simply can't understand the world around us." "Galileo said that everything in the universe is written in the language of mathematics." This show is Johnny's introduction to that language.


More about Johnny:

Johnny wrote 20 Factual Info Series for BBC & ITV and “Think of a Number” won BAFTA in its first series. The Stage Version toured for 13 yrs. He was an Ambassador for British Engineering from 1993-2003. He wrote, produced and starred in 5 Educational Stage Musicals, 2 for “The Department of Education.” His “Mind Zone” Live Show in the Dome 2000 SOLD OUT for the Entire Year. His TV shows, books and videos have won major awards in Europe, Asia and USA. His books (9 in Total) sell in over 40 languages.

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