Weymouth College Emerging Artists present their Final Show in the Top Floor Gallery.


Kim Smurthwaite

Growing up in apartheid South Africa initiated an earnest inquiry from a young age to question the status quo. My work dissects ideas about freedom and choice, questioning the process by which we interpret stimuli through filters of association and memory. I create mostly large-scale energetic paintings which are the result of an intuitive and visceral responding. There is a strong narrative of process evident in my work with surfaces bearing witness to the physicality and intent with which they were made. I tend to work in series in both paint and sculpture, working on many works simultaneously, sharing ideas and conversations across the breadth of them. I am currently exploring the immersive experience of time spent at the wetlands in Weymouth through predominantly oil paint, mixed media, wood, cardboard, rag and plaster.


Kathy Kelly

Having spent time living both in a city and within a rural community I absorb influences from both theses contrasting environments. Whether it’s my appreciation for large scale old industrial spaces adorned with urban street art with a sense of decay or wandering through forgotten patches of woodland and stumbling across the remains of old dwelling, I seek to find beauty in the unexpected. I document my world through photography, paint, print and film. With my surrealist eye I scan my world for random and overlooked connections and with my multimedia approach I can creatively interpret my personal visual language. I have always possessed this unusual desire to look behind the façade and see the stories that lie beneath what I can see. I see the food or exciting potential material to feed my imaginative mind in the most everyday environments and experiences. My work is led by an internal narrative of memories which connect to a time or place, emotions, or situations. I enjoy being spontaneous, bringing layers together that can reflect everyday moments to gritty historical human connections. I like to play with unusual subjects and often incorporate found items in my work and I am inspired by movements such as the Dada, Post modernism and Abstraction.


Fronde Crennell

As a multimedia artist working in 2D, 3D, Film and Sound, the factors that motivate my work are social equality, equal opportunities, mental and physical health awareness and community engagement. My work has a strong connection to land and location. The recent Completion of large-scale works demonstrates my ability to plan and install with a successful outcome.


Jade Johnson

As a multimedia artist, I am exploring flow through the sensory, subconscious mind. Automatic movement is shown often in the work to reflect the subject in its most natural form. Depending on the subject, elements of conscious state is intertwined.

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