An exhibition from artist Ilona Skladzien

Ilona's thoughts and feelings concerning the excess of digital stimuli are paramount to her work and are a foundation for the experimental pieces in the exhibition. Through applied working processes and with modeling of paper, there are echoes of her experience through sight, touch and hearing, as well as the other senses.

The Audio Descriptions of the works broaden the accessibility of the exhibition. The Audio Descriptions are created in collaboration with visually impaired performance artist Tam Gilbert, founder and director of Dorset-based Persuasion Arts.


Audio Descriptions will be available for download by following the tab to the right.

Main Gallery

Audio Description

To download the relevant audio description file, simply click on the links below. 


Context 1 - Click here

Context 2 - Click here

Context 3 - Click here

Context 4 - Click here


Loop - Click here


The 'Inner' Series - Click here

Inner 1 - Click here

Inner 2 - Click here

Inner 3 - Click here

Inner 4 - Click here

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