A vibrant new adaptation of Emily Brontë's elemental masterpiece…

Upon the brooding heath, unbound by the judgement of society, a wild and intoxicating obsession torments the moor. Be witness to a passion that goes beyond the grave. 

SISATA engages with the nature of love. Drawing out all its guises. In the toil for happiness - the lines between tenderness and mania, care and cruelty, are woven in the mist.

Accompanied by beautifully haunting original live music and uplifting songs to support this whirlwind of a story, this tempest of the heart.

Developed with support from the Lighthouse, Poole

Dramatised and Directed by Charmaine K.

Dorset Cast Interview

DORSET BIZ Arts Review by Jason Ward & podcast


Published: August 10, 2022 | Updated: August 11, 2022

Jason Ward’s essential monthly round-up with forthcoming events, reviews and interviews

By Andrew Diprose, Editor  editor@dorsetbiznews.co.uk

We are celebrating some true local creativity in this month’s Arts & Culture Matterswrites Jason Ward.

We have a fascinating interview with Charmaine K, Artistic Director at SISATA Theatre Company.

In the garden of an 18th century workhouse in the shadow of a 13th century priory in a sleepy Dorset town a young cast of four early stage professionals immersed us in a passionate and at times, terrifying story.

SISATA theatre company is a true Dorset treasure – a band of players who travel the land bringing their fantastic tales and stories. This production of Wuthering Heights has been adapted by Artistic Director Charmaine K.

With a beautiful use of language, a tight structure and an amazing cast the audience experience a level of thrill, emotional engagement and awe that they might experience in a West End mega production. Despite all the 20th century intrusions from police sirens to a low flying Coastguard helicopter, the company kept the audience totally transfixed.

Ignacio Parish as Heathcliff and Nim McQuinn as Cathy in SISATA’s Wuthering Heights. Picture: Lucan Art.

Truth is important in theatre and SISATA’s production of Wuthering Heights is honest, powerful and totally absorbing. If you like great theatre then make sure you check out this show when it comes to the Lighthouse next month.

The show is touring open air venues around England and will play at the Lighthouse, Poole on 14th and 15th September

For tickets go to lighthousepoole.co.uk

The full version of this review is available on The Theatre Review Podcast available on Apple Podcasts here.

Charmaine K, SISATA Theatre Company

Charmaine is the Co-­creator and Director of SISATA. She produces an annual adaptation of a classic text or Shakespeare play, stripped back to four actors, which tours to various open-air locations, theatre and non-theatrical spaces. Charmaine directs across the UK and internationally.

What inspires your best creative ideas?

With SISATA, the classic text is what inspires the work. So I immerse myself in those classical texts and try to work out how to make them accessible to modern audiences. During that process I realise why they outlive time. They stand the test of time because their themes are universal and everlasting themes that we still haven’t learnt from!

Why are arts and culture important to everyone?

To understand ourselves and human nature better. It’s a safe space to express and question life and the human condition. The skills you learn in drama are skills that can be applied to everything throughout life.

What advice would you give to a business to help them become more creative?

Actually get up on your feet and physically move and have fun. Doing games and drama games wakes you up and makes you think more creatively. I would apply all of that to your business meeting…that would be a fun thing! Not wearing suits would be a good one as well. Wear comfortable clothes.

Who is your creative hero?

My two are quite controversial: Bjork and Lars Von Trier. When they came together for Dance in the Dark it was creative genius. But there was controversy around it. For me, they go really deep into difficult things and are so unique and truthful in what they tackle.

What piece of creative work are you most proud of?

Every single one has brought something. The most recent would be Antigone because of the timing – coming out of the pandemic and working through that. Writing the adaptation during the pandemic was a lifeline for me. Then bringing theatre back to audiences after that whole period really nurtured everyone, I think.

What are you working on right now?

Wuthering Heights. Reducing a novel to a play has been challenging but really gets to the essence of what the story is. I love that process, bringing the story to life. But it’s also brutal to choose what you believe is important to keep in the play, or to cut.

To learn more about SISATA head to sisata.co.uk.


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