PER-SO-NA looks at the clashing identities of a Yoruba-Nigerian Girl that isn't so Nigerian. Tough, Vulnerable, Woke, Traditional. It combines Sexual hope, Live cooking, witty nuances, and droning culture war to unpack the ordeal of the artificial construct of tribal borders. With Unfiltered realness, salacious details- including stories of her fake orgasms, and big laughs. They are funny and have little to no dignity as they invite you to laugh at her insecurities, giggle at her inner struggles and celebrate her uniqueness.


Set in a factual Bòdija Market, our heroine (Ápinké) is a provocateur. She is brassy, and she is tired of sweeping tribal generalizations.


However, where she is from... it's not so easy to do this!

''This piece was for many years, a private conversation with myself. Not a traditional play. Instead, it's a series of non-linear episodes, if u like''.


Run time approximately 50 minutes

Age guidance 16+ (scenes of nudity)

About the artist

Whether she’s opening for a 2-time grammy winner or busking down your local, Kafayat Adegoke is adept that knowing who you are intimately, is your biggest life project. She is skilled at disrupting notions of politeness, then delivers them with the ferocity and panache of a raconteur at the top of their game. Her subjects are facts that she occasionally blurs with figments of her imagination - and brings so vividly to life with nothing but herself and inexpensive sets. In a contemporary art world where everyone is boundary-daring via installations and conceptual art, it is rather refreshing to see the simplicity of her works that have no gadgets or gimmicks; she is just a fascinating character-actor of the people! 

''I curate work edible for every person who enjoys storytelling and shenanigans, my work cannot be confined to the bounds of themes, race, gender, type, and other labels’'

My long-term goal is to have my own Talk Show; “Providing opinions on everything I'm not entitled to” (who wouldn’t want that).

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