Join us for this live event, to launch Odds On, Dante or Die’s new interactive short film exploring online gambling, which is available to watch for free via Lighthouse for one week only.

After their clever, site-specific immersive play Handle with Care was staged at Poole's Lok'n Store site back in 2016, Dante or Die are back to launch Odds On, which takes you behind the screen into the murky depths of online gambling.

Log in to Pearls of Fortune, the online slots game that’s caught us all in its net, give yourself a fun name, pick an adorable avatar, and plunge beneath the waves for a few spins.

Odds On takes you on an interactive screening into the world of online gambling; from that first win, all the way behind the screen to give a game’s-eye view of how your fellow players are really doing. Follow Felicity, a valued customer, and peer beneath the murky depths to see how a cheeky spin can spiral out of control.

Running time: 30 mins approximately

Age guidance: 14+ (contains gambling (live play, images, sounds & slot simulation) which may be very triggering to people with a gambling addiction or who are in recovery.)


A link to access the short movie will be available shortly.


Commissioned as part of LIVE NOW, The Lowry's digital commissioning programme, and by Lighthouse Poole. Funded by Arts Council England.

R&D supported by Farnham Maltings New Popular commission, Ideas Test & South Street Reading, and through public funding from Garfield Weston Foundation, Awards for All, The Rayne Foundation & Arts Council England.


Q & A with Dante or Die

Where did the idea come from?
Co-Artistic Director and Co-Writer, Terry O’Donovan:

It started life intending to be a live project. I was in a betting shop with my Dad, I hadn’t been in one of those places for years, and I just started looking at the rules of the space and thinking, this is a really interesting location for a production. I came back to the team, we started doing some research and checking things out and then of course lockdown happened. But we'd started the ball rolling, and we'd been reading a lot about gambling and then suddenly there was so much stuff about online gambling and how there were so many worries about how lockdown and isolation was going to make it much more problematic. We reached out to Henrietta Bowden-Jones, who set up the National Problem Gambling Clinic, and had a chat with her about what was going on in the online gambling world right now. And she said yes, online gambling was a massive problem, and specifically for women and slot machine games.

Why did you want to make this piece as a film, and not a live show?

I did originally think of the piece as a live show set in a gambling shop, and we might pursue that in the future. But due to lockdown and the rise in use of online gambling apps, the idea transitioned to a digital show. There seemed to be really rich material to explore developing an online piece and, having just created User Not Found (which was a video podcast), we were excited to use the screen again for a slot machine game as the kind of space that this digital experience could sit in.

What do you want people to take away from watching the film?
Sophie Ignatieff, Producer:

We'd like to open up the conversation about an issue that's very prevalent at the moment, but people aren't really talking about, especially among different demographics, like older women, who aren't seen as traditional gamblers. So for people to think more about this issue, to provoke conversation about addiction in general and to explore what addiction feels like. Also within the arts industry, we’re keen to push the conversation forward about how to create digital work, the different ways that digital work can reach audiences and how we can collaborate to bring digital work to audiences.


We wanted to provoke empathy and an emotional response to gambling addiction. And think about the human at the centre of the story, because there is a stigma and shame around gambling addiction. So if we can help shift the attitude or emotional response around this family’s experience that would be amazing, just to get people talking.