C I R C U S is a series of images setting out to show the beauty, strenght and symmetry in the performances of young contemporary circus performers in the UK.

Tim Booth's instantly recognisable shooting style is deceptively simple, shunning unnecessary elaboration, his photographs are often both profound and affecting. Winner of many international awards including being voted the No.1 Black & White photographer working in the UK today by OneEyeLand, his work has appeared in countless magazines and fine art publications and is collected worldwide.


Why Circus?

If you ask the average person on the street what they think circus is, you’ll probably hear the words clowns, elephants, lions, trapeze, big top, more clowns etc. The word circus invokes all sorts of childhood memories, red and white bunting, popcorn and candyfloss, orange wigs, the smell of wet grass, hooves on sawdust, feather headdresses and terrible music. This may be charmingly nostalgic, but circus has changed radically over the last twenty years and in our more enlightened times circuses full of lions and elephants are thankfully a thing of the past. If the world never sees two grown men in wigs and red noses stuffed into a miniature car again, then it’s a better place.

My collection of images sets out to help change how circus is perceived in the UK. No longer is it about clowns and lions, but the extremely highly skilled individuals who dedicate their lives to producing remarkable performances. Circus used to be a very closed shop restricted to travelling family enclaves. It is now a creative path and opportunity open to anyone with the drive and determination to take part. With circus schools and groups open to people of all levels, Circus has finally thrown open its doors to anyone willing to get involved. Whilst it is still undoubtedly entertainment, it has also now developed into an art form. With far fewer fixed circus groups and far more individuals dedicated to perfecting their craft through rigorous training and endless practice.