The RiverRun Project exhibition is the first fruits of a three-year long project. 

Working during the period of Covid, a group of four artists – David Buckland, founder/director of Cape Farewell; Anna Frijstein, a multidisciplinary artist; Helen Moore, an ecopoet and socially engaged artist; and James Murray-White, a film-maker – have been in dialogue with Cape Farewell’s scientific partners and local farmers, engaging in a creative programme of research and development in and around Poole Bay and its watershed – the network of rivers that feed into this large natural harbour, and in particular the Frome, a chalk river, which flows through us all. 

The RiverRun project has interrogated the way that land is farmed, the links between farm practices and the Poole Bay watershed, and how this directly impacts our lives and contributes to climate change.

The Frome, famous for its Salmon run and breeding ground, is sadly under threat. Keeping the river in good health reflects the behaviour of all of us - how we produce and distribute our food, how we treat waste, and how we use these precious resources for recreation.

Cape Farewell and the artists would like to acknowledge the support of all our scientific and farming partners in the research and development of this project:

Dr Rasmus Lauridsen – Game & Wildlife Conservation Trust

Prof Genoveva Esteban – Bournemouth University

Dr John Murphy – Queen Mary University, London

Dr Antony Jensen – National Oceanography Centre

Dr Simon Boxall – National Oceanography Centre

Dr John Humphreys – Emeritus professor at Greenwich

Pam & Will Best – Manor Farm, Sydling St Nicholas

Chris Legg – Dollens Farm, Sydling St Nicholas

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