This event is part of Inside Out Dorset. It is free to the public and takes place in Poole Lower High Street and Quay.

A poetic, surprising and inspiring hitch hike on a journey from small acorns to the great oak tree. What if there is a fella whose job it is to dig those tiny holes that seeds set root in, who charges himself with watering, composting and protecting.

A fella with a pottering shed —on wheels—always elbow deep in much and always playing a tune for his charges. Well there is, and his name is Wilford. SEED is an intimate and explosive show, full of captivating images, live and specially composed music. It is a day in the life of Wilford as he struggles against the odds and ends up sat relieved and, having been helped by festivalgoers to make it through the day, in a mature apple tree that sprouts out of his shed.

For further information, you can visit: Inside Out Dorset

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