Welcome to Lighthouse Craft Club!

During the long, dark days of lockdown and inspired by Grayson Perry's compelling Art Club on Channel 4, Lighthouse started its own art club for staff members to channel their creative energy.

The only rule of Lighthouse Craft Club was that there were no rules – it was not just about painting canvas – and over the following 26 weeks more than 100 items were submitted across a wide range of media and by many different contributors.

The Craft Club’s busy curator commented that opening emails was like dipping into a box of chocolates – you never knew what you were going to get until you opened them!

Lighthouse staff didn’t hold back and as well as the oil paintings, watercolours, collage and textiles that feature in this exhibition, wood carving, furniture, paper art, pottery, wire work, shell and driftwood wind chimes, along with items of jewellery, to name just a few, were submitted. 

Lighthouse Craft Club even uncovered the organisation’s very own ‘Banksy’, a mysterious and determinedly anonymous contributor who submitted a stunning multi-media picture in homage to the weekly online all-staff meetings that kept Lighthouse co-workers and volunteers connected throughout lockdown.

The pandemic has cast a global shadow, but its effects have been felt most acutely on very local, even individual levels. Many have suffered unimaginably, and nobody has remained completely untouched by it, but it has also been the catalyst for tremendous creative expression – a measure of human resilience and defiance in the face of adversity.

Lighthouse Craft Club represents the efforts of one small community of people, whose only common connection is their link to this iconic building, to express their own and encourage each other’s creativity.

We hope you enjoy the exhibition as much as we have enjoyed making it.


Perdie Bargh, Jo Goadby, Amanda Grimes, Pam Jones, Craig Kingshott, Maureen La Frenais, Clare Lee, Elspeth McBain… and those who wish to remain anonymous.

We know that, while you are considering booking tickets for this great show, you will be thinking about what we at Lighthouse are doing to keep you as safe as we can from COVID-19. You can find out all about our COVID-secure measures HERE. We can’t wait to see you soon.