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50 years on from the release of Rod’s first album, Some Guys Have All The Luck – The Rod Stewart Story is back with a brand new show, bringing to the stage a fantastic live concert celebration of one of rock music’s greatest icons. 

Frontman Paul Metcalfe is incredible as Rod and captures all the excitement, energy and charisma of the legendary performer including the infamous moves, showmanship and sense of fun that have made Rod one of the most successful artistes of all time. 

The first half of the show features hits from Rod’s earlier career such as Handbags & Gladrags and You Wear It Well along with some Faces’ favourites like Stay With Me and Twisting The Night Away, all interwoven with some interesting and amusing anecdotes, and takes you on a musical journey through Rod’s career over the last five decades - from humble beginnings to superstardom.

The second half is one big party and includes all Rod’s big hits such as Maggie MayBaby Jane, Da Ya Think I’m Sexy, SailingTonight’s The Night, The First Cut Is The Deepest and You’re In My Heart

This authentic production, now in its fourth year, includes a stunning stage set, a spectacular light show, an impeccable live band and stage-wide projections.

Paul Metcalfe Q&A

Fronting a brand-new production of Some Guys Have All the Luck, singer Paul Metcalfe charts Rod Stewart’s glittering career from its early days in the 1960s through the Faces and Rod’s solo career to the exalted position he occupies today as one of the world’s most popular singers.

As he got ready to hit the road once again, Paul took some time to field a few of our questions…


Paul, for those who’ve not seen the show, what’s in store for Poole when ‘Some Guys Have All the Luck’ arrives in town?

They get two hours of Rod’s wonderful music and the story of how he became one of the most successful artistes in the world. So, the first half of the show describes how Rod became successful and some of the lucky breaks he had on the way. We perform music from Rod’s early career both as a solo artiste and with The Faces. We have a large screen projecting images of Rod through his various stages.

The second half of the show is full of Rod’s big hits and we encourage the audience to get involved by singing, dancing and generally having a good time. Not that they need much encouragement usually! We have a great stage set and an amazing light show to complement the music.

How did you start performing as Rod and how has your approach changed over the years, especially now that you have a crack band behind you?

I started performing as Rod more than 20 years ago when I used to play pubs and clubs and people would comment on how much I sounded like Rod. I’d always been a fan, ever since I heard ‘Maggie May’ so it was great to go out and perform as him.

I started out using backing tracks, but as time went on I began to do more gigs with a live band. I was always striving to get better and make the show bigger so when I got a promoter interested in putting on the theatre show (after several others turned me down) I was very excited. I’m really happy where the show is at the moment and, as you say, I have an amazing band behind me.

Rod’s brother and sister have seen the show, how did that come about and what did they say?

Rod’s brother got in touch when he visited his local theatre and saw our poster! He contacted us through the fan club and we arranged free tickets for him and his grandchildren. They loved it!

Rod’s sister Mary contacted me via a friend on Facebook and we arranged free tickets for her. She’s been to see the show three times so I think she approves!!

They both said I was the nearest to Rod they’d ever seen, which is a great compliment.

I imagine Rod knows about the show; what do you think he would make of it?

I’m sure he knows about it as his brother and sister would have told him. I haven’t been contacted by him, but I’d like to think he would approve of the show. If I met him, I’d love to talk model railways with him as it’s one of my guilty pleasures and I know he’s a big railway modeller.

What are your favourite songs to perform and why; and are there any additional songs you’d like to make room for in the show?

I’d have to say ‘Maggie May’ is my favourite to perform because it was my introduction to Rod’s music and the audience go nuts when we play it. The great thing about Rod is he has so many brilliant songs so we can change the show around a bit every year and put some new ones in. There are some songs we have to do every time though or there would be a riot!

How lucky are you?

I say in the show that I think I’m a very lucky man and that when I was listening to ‘Maggie May’ and Every Picture Tells a Story I never thought in a million years that I would end up performing on stage as him. I think Rod once said he’s got the best job in the world so I reckon I’ve got the second best job in the world!



"I've seen some ‘Rods’ in my time, but Paul is the best one I've ever seen." 

Don Stewart (Rod Stewart’s Brother)


“I thoroughly enjoyed the show. Paul's voice and mannerisms were the closest I've ever seen to Rod himself.

Mary Cady (Rod Stewart’s Sister)


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