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Officially the world’s longest running and most successful tribute to the BBC sitcom, this one-of-a-kind original has made its international mark as an ‘outrageously funny’ night out (BroadwayBaby, Edinburgh Fringe). Selling out at shows all over the world – from Sydney Opera House to London’s West End – it’s now returning to Lighthouse in September 2019. But be warned: tickets will sell out here too, so early booking is essential!

Basil, Manuel and Sybil are on their way, gearing up to bring a healthy dose of mayhem to your door! Fully immersive, highly interactive and completely original, this is the top-flight show where anything can happen and usually does – and with 70% of the show improvised, it’s never the same twice. With two hours of comedy, three courses of food, and five-star reviews, expect chaos, laughs, and a brilliant night out.

Now performed in up to 20 countries a year by 11 teams of actors, Faulty Towers The Dining Experience was born in Australia in 1997. The schedule for 2019 includes a wealth of highlights such as Fringe Festivals in Adelaide, Melbourne and Edinburgh; tours across entire continents like Europe, Scandinavia, Asia and Australia; and an ongoing residency in London’s West End. With over 21 years of continuous critical and audience acclaim and close to a million seats sold around the world, it’s clear that this is the most successful interactive comedy show of its kind.


Tomato & Basil Soup with a rustic roll. (v)


Pan Roasted Chicken Supreme in a cream & white wine sauce, served with new potatoes and roasted vegetables


Mushroom Wellington served with new potatoes and roasted vegetables. (v)


Strawberry Trifle


Dairy-free ice cream

Cast Q&A

The world’s most successful tribute to the classic BBC sitcom, The Faulty Towers Dining Experience returns to Lighthouse for five sittings from Thursday 12 to Sunday 15 September. In a rare moment of relative peace between pleasing the public and clearing the tables, Sybil (Karina Garnett), Basil (Stanley Eldridge) and Manuel (Oliver Harrison) answer a few questions exclusively for Lighthouse.


Firstly, what can the residents of Poole expect when Faulty Towers The Dining Experience arrives in town?

Sybil: A delightful evening, I look forward to meeting them all.

Basil: Well, what can’t they expect, humble interviewer? The resplendent evening one imagines as a young boy. The lights, the sparkle, the je ne se quois... That’s French that last bit – so you know we’re on to a winner, so to speak... Oh, and free tap water of course. Up to a maximum of three glasses. 

Manuel: Que? Si… we come to town. 

What do you hope your guests will take away from the experience and how likely is that to happen?

Sybil: I hope they take away my husband and our waiter... probably unlikely after meeting them though.

Basil: If by ‘taking away' you mean stealing, then absolutely nothing – we have had serious problem with that lately, only got 4 teaspoons left. Ridiculous. 

Look, I can absolutely, 100% guarantee our guests a wonderful warm feeling of contentment and satisfaction. I mean I’ve been in the business long enough. 

Manuel: I hope guest will take me away? Si please, I want… where will they take me? 

What is the height of sophistication at Faulty Towers?

Sybil: We do try and aim high.

Basil: The guests, of course! I love our guests and treat them as if they were family, truly, I cherish and adore them just as much as my dear, dear, dear wife... 

Manuel: Mr Faulty is very, very tall.

Who’s in charge?

Sybil: Me. Always.

Basil: Be under no illusion: the customer is in charge. Whatever they want, need, desire! We are there to deliver it. But also me. I’m in charge... (Don’t tell my wife I said that).

Manuel: Señor Faulty, he the boss.

How do you relax between sittings?

Sybil: I’m hoping to fit in a few rounds of golf.

Basil: Rigorous exercise, reading, classical music. I find it very easy to relax, a skill not everyone is so adept at mastering. They call me ‘Mr Zen'. 

Manuel: I stand up.

What happens if someone mentions the war, sees the rat or finds Basil’s winnings?

Sybil: Which war? What rat? Basil’s not a betting man so there won’t be any winnings!

Basil: Oh god...!!!

Manuel: Is no Rat, Is HAMPSTER!!!

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