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Roy Fraser has been a professional photographer for over 40 years. For much of this time he has been running a school portrait photography company, Fraser Portraits, from his studio in Broadstone. Many people will probably have had either themselves or their children's portraits taken by them over the years.

Over the past few years Roy has been out and about along the coast of Dorset, throughout the UK, as well as some international locations taking mainly seascapes. Recently Roy has begun to concentrate on black and white minimalist and ethereal looking compositions such as shown here from around Dorset.

Few things in photography are as impressive as a great black and white landscape. Making a success of black and white landscape photography means having to really 'see in black and white'.

Colour photography relies on how different colours are juxtaposed and complemented by each other. Black and white’s intrinsic nature, which pares every scene down to a palette of shades of grey, lends itself to a different aesthetic – one which is more about tone, form and texture.

Most of Roy's landscapes are taken pre-dawn or after the sun has set as the light has less contrast. The emphasis is then on the composition rather than the quality of the light.

The Dorset coast offers a landscape photographer an abundance of 'iconic' and 'unique' compositions.