Q&A with Alfie Moore


In the course of routine enquiries we had cause to stop and question the 'Fair Cop', policeman-turned-comedian Alfie Moore. After noting that anything he said may be taken down and used in entertainment, we proceeded in with our examination...

Alfie, you’re heading back to Poole with a new show… what’s it all about?

A Face for Radio is a more personal show than I have done before. Most people are familiar with Alfie Moore the copper, but less with Alfie Moore the person inside the uniform. I explore how I feel about getting older and how other people treat us as we age. I ask the question: should we accept being considered less significant or should we fight back? (Knitting needles at the ready!)

Without spoiling anything, is telly ready for Moore? What are you hoping to bring to the show?

That would definitely be a spoiler, but I will certainly be bringing laughter and also stories from my policing world including, of course, the true star of the show – my police dog Zeus!

How is showbiz treating you and how does it compare to life in the real world – of which you must have seen a fair bit in the steelworks and then the police force?

I absolutely love performing the live tour shows – it’s what I’ve always wanted to do. My style is proper story-based stand-up, where for every show the energy is different and you and the audience create unique magic in the room.

It has lots of overlap with policing – a similar adrenalin rush and having to make an emotional connection with the strangers in front of you. The main difference is that they don’t issue you with Personal Protective Equipment for stage work!

I think it’s fair to say off duty coppers can be quite a jaundiced bunch, but then it’s not unknown for off-duty comedians to have a good moan about their work either – how do you fit in?

I don’t fall into the grumpy ex-cop category. Don’t get me wrong I have plenty of views about the current state of policing, but I remain a fan of our boys and girls in blue.

I know the public appreciate what a tough job policing is. In fact, a lot of people used to say to me: “I couldn’t do your job” and I’d reply: “That’s because you’re handcuffed… Councillor!”

On a more serious note, the police have to operate by public consent, but the force can’t seem to catch a break at the moment – there’s no easy answer, but what would help?

Big question that! Lots of things at play. A perfect storm including:

  • A reduction of pay and conditions which affects quality recruitment.
  • A number of high profile scandals encouraging the national media to turn on them with vigour.
  • Stuck in the middle of the so-called Culture Wars where half the public think they’re bully boys and the other half think they’ve gone soft!

But in answer to your question, my view is that we need a Royal Commission to redefine the role of a Constable in 2024 – in terms of expectations, legal status and powers of the role. And we need to encourage quality recruitment and retention by paying competitive pay in a challenging job market.

Thanks, Alfie!

Alfie’s show A Face for Radio is at Lighthouse on Saturday 30 March, 7.45 pm. Tickets available at https://www.lighthousepoole.co.uk/