Calling all home schooling families and observant young people... Super-Spies are back, and their latest mission brings them to Poole, but they need your help! 

Devised by Dorset-based Angel Exit Theatre, Associate Artists at Lighthouse, Poole’s centre for the arts, Super-Spies In Lockdown is an interactive performance game that plays out across two 20-30 minute sessions with Angel Exit on a private, secure Zoom chat.  

“We are delighted to offer Poole audiences an exclusive theatrical experience, which we hope will start online with our Zoom meeting but expand into a series of fun madcap activities around the home and maybe in the local community,” says Tamsin Fessey, co-artistic director of Angel Exit.  

A welcome break from home schooling maybe and a collective experience bringing a live audience together. We’re really interested in finding ways to use Zoom to create live experiences and although we can’t wait to get back into theatres with our audiences, until that can happen we want to bring some theatrical magic into peoples homes. 

The sessions are from noon on Wednesday 10 June and Sunday 14 June. 

Marvellous leader Mirabel Merryweather, newly initiated Claude Pringle, and all the Super-Spies are under lockdown like everyone else. Unfortunately, they’ve had worrying reports that agents from The Vortex – their rival spy gang – are active and have started luring new spies to the dark side in Poole. The Vortex are out to sabotage goodwill and positivity in the community, so Super-Spies need a tea of young sleuths and their families to brush up on their espionage skills and help solve some vital clues in the fight to stamp out The Vortex. 

New recruits are welcome, as are all those who have met the Super-Spies already on their tour of Dorset libraries. There will be a series of fun, interactive challenges, and an optional clue trail around the town, but families can also participate from the safety and comfort of their own homes with other offline games and activities with a spy training theme. 

Aimed at five to ten-year-olds, capacity is strictly limited to 17 households and children must be accompanied by an adult, but whole families are welcome. The experience is open to both those who have already met the Super-Spies or totally new recruits. 

Families need a reliable internet connection and be able to access Zoom, preferably on a laptop rather than phone or tablet. Participants need to commit to the two Zoom meetings and ideally take part in the challenge set. Everyone is welcome to engage with as many of the other videos and activities as they like. These can also be accessed indefinitely.  

Super-Spies In Lockdown is free, but Angel Exit is asking people to respect the work by only booking if they are confident they will be able to attend and let them know immediately if they are unable, as space is strictly limited. 

Booking is essential at  

Published 2 June 2020