There’s a real buzz about Lighthouse. Not only are classes and courses up and running again, and we're busy getting everything ready to welcome back our audiences and customers from 18 May, but we've also been able to have artists at work in the building, rehearsing, devising and developing stories.

Last week we played host to SISATA in the Sherling Studio where they continued work on a new adaptation of the ancient Greek tragedy Antigone; while in the Theatre our old friends Stuff & Nonsense were developing a stunning new adaptation of Pinocchio that will premiere at Lighthouse in October before a national tour then play the Theatre Royal Plymouth at Christmas next year. 

From the little bits we’ve seen this is something to get truly excited about. All the elements of the classic fairy tale are there – a poor woodcarver, the boy puppet he makes, the puppet’s tell-tale growing nose, the dream of becoming a real boy – but there’s much more to the story. 

The production – Stuff & Nonsense’s most ambitious to date – is built around three actors all musical and skilled in physical comedy, acrobatics and puppetry. They represent father, son and grandfather, with Pinocchio as the man in the middle who was made of wood when he was a boy. 

Seeking refuge, they find themselves in a grand, old, abandoned house where they gather around a large dining table that becomes their playground. 

”Our invitation is for parents to invest their imaginations and enjoy this journey along with their children,” says Stuff & Nonsense Artistic Director Niki McCretton. 

“I am so proud that Lighthouse has invested so wholeheartedly in this show and to be able to premiere Pinocchio on the main stage. This is really creative work, rich, exciting theatre, and it’s for everyone – from little ones to grandparents. 


Published 27 April 2021