Mike and Ollie

Final year history students from Bournemouth University have been working on a graduate project for Lighthouse that commemorates the building’s fortieth anniversary and looks at its cultural, social and political impact on Poole and the wider region.

Over the last few weeks the team of four – Lottie, Oliver, Annabel and Michael – have been interviewing people with long standing connections to Lighthouse and, before that, Poole Arts Centre, including various members of staff past and present.

“It’s real-world client-based experience as part of our final year studies,” explains Oliver Insall-Jones. “Lighthouse approached our course leaders with a view to creating archive material that could be accessed and added to in the future.

“The project is to develop then deliver the brief. So, the original intention was to record audio interviews and produce transcriptions, which would have been fine, but we thought it might be more useful to film the interviews then produce a short movie for Lighthouse to use as well as having access to the raw interviews.”

Quotes from the interviews will be used in visual display screens at Lighthouse and the students plan to showcase their film to staff before it is archived at Dorset History Centre. Their work, including the full oral history interviews, will help back a Heritage Lottery Fund bid to establish and maintain an archive.

“What we’ve done is really a starting point that hopefully can be carried on in future,” says Michael Lloyd. “As students, most of us moved to the area to study so we weren’t very aware of Lighthouse before, but it has become very clear to us from the interviews that we’ve done just how important Lighthouse is to the community.”

By Nick Churchill Published 7 May 2019