Lighthouse Associate Artists, Angel Exit Theatre enjoyed a fantastic response to Super-Spies in Lockdown, the online performance game created for children and their families.

In all, some 64 people from 26 families took part, including 13 pupils from Canford Heath Junior School.

Between two online meet-ups, participants had four days to find clues that were placed at Lighthouse, the Dolphin Centre and Poole Museum. Those following the clue trail could watch training videos and download documents on codes, invisible ink and creating their own spy profiles via the Super-Spies webpage.

“It turned into a bit of an epic to be honest!” reports Lynne Forbes, co-artistic director. “There were lots of organisational logistics and plenty of work for us.”

The story followed the Super-Spies, Mirabel Merryweather and Claude Pringle (Lynne and her fellow co-artistic director Tamsin Fessey) as they solve vital clues in their quest to stamp out rival spy gang The Vortex.

“We’ve had some interest from other groups who would be interested in us delivering something like this for them, and that certainly is something which is possible. We’re also working out if we can also create an online-only version perhaps with an internet clue trail rather than a physical one.”

Angel Exit Theatre now hopes to expand audiences for this creative experience by partnering with local libraries and other organisations.

Meanwhile, take a look at the Super-Spies secret page at The password is Mirabel’s favourite ice cream: mintchocchip.

“I particularly recommend Incognito Walks and the Spy Drop videos,” laughs Lynne.

Published 6 July 2020