Budding artists from Lighthouse partner school Oakdale Junior have thrown themselves into a project that could see them earn Arts Award Discover certificates from Trinity College London.

The 140 Year 4 students have been working on the ‘Misty Mountain Sierra’ project producing artworks as part of a wider study of mountains that has seen them consider humanity’s effect on the environment.

As part of the project they have been speaking to artist Michelle Rumney in an online Q&A session set up by Lighthouse.

“The children have absolutely loved it,” says Jemima Fricker, Art Co-ordinator at Oakdale Junior. When I said we were going to do an Arts Award they were so excited and they’ve really tried their hardest – the certificate gives them a real sense of achievement.

“They were particularly excited at being able to talk to Michelle in the Q&A because they loved seeing how she uses mixed media in her online videos and the way she speaks about using repetitive actions.”

The young people have explored a range of skills including printmaking, mark making, using crayons and rollers, charcoal and painting, as well as using ripped up paper, foil and sweet wrappers.

“We also had some old maps that were no longer needed and we’ve been ripping those up to use in the artworks,” adds Jemima.

“It is quite a controlled activity as with Covid we have to be very careful about collaborative working and sharing resources, but we have an exhibition in school next week and plan to share the works in our newsletter that goes home to parents as well as through the Coastal Learning Partnership of local schools.”

Perdie Bargh, Lighthouse Creative Engagement Officer, adds: “We are so happy to be supporting the Oakdale Junior students on this project. Being able to offer the opportunity to speak with visual artist Michelle Rumney, who they have just been learning all about, is really exciting and will hopefully add another layer of learning and understanding to the project.

Arts Award Discover is an introductory award aimed at children aged 5-9. For more information visit

Pictured are Oakdale Junior pupils: (l-r) James, Lily, Christina and Leo with the artworks.


Published 30 March 2021