There’s nothing quite like meeting a performer whose work you admire and this week #MondayMemories hears from Karen Balderson who works on our Stage Door about the day she met the man who possesses one of the brightest smiles in showbiz – singer Marti Pellow when he played Lighthouse on 26 June 2019. 

I had been chatting to his manager about various things prior to Marti’s arrival – passes etc and dressing rooms and especially the ‘groupies’ who had congregated around the car park areas at Lighthouse bearing many gifts for their hero. 

When Marti came he was carrying a massive bag of ‘gifts’. Actually, I didn’t recognise him at first as he was so tall – I’d always had him down as one of those handsome shorties! He plonked his bag of goodies by Stage Door and picked up a pink stripy paper bag, took a look inside and said: ‘Would you like these? 

It was a big bag of sweets and my mother always told me not to take sweeties from strangers – ha! ha! – but this was Marti Pellow and I wasn’t going to say no!  

Anyway, he got chatting to Ann Marie as well, asking her what she was eating (pasta salad) and, my oh my, was his accent thick – really strong Glaswegian. I then said: ‘Marti, would you be agreeable to having a photo taken with me? He said: ‘Aye, of course.’  

At least I think that’s what he said. He had a big smile on his face and his manager said he’d take it so Marti put his arm around me… Yes, he put his arm around me! (I’d just driven to work in sweltering heat and hoped he had a bad sense of smell). 

So there it was – the photo was taken, Marti Pellow and Me. 

Published 8 February 2021