This week’s #MondayMemories are from February this year – already it feels like a lifetime ago. 

It’s not every day we play host of a bona fide international legend, but that’s exactly what happened on 28 February when undefeated boxing superstar Floyd ‘Money’ Mayweather set foot in Lighthouse… eventually. 

Here, Events Manager Tom Holmes shares the anatomy of a day like few others in the history of Lighthouse… 

Noon: Floyd was due to have landed at Bournemouth Airport XLR as his touring company and the Lighthouse operations team complete their preparations for the event. 

2.30: Word arrives that Floyd’s private jet has missed its flight slot. 

4.30: Assurance received that Floyd is due to take off and will be in the air by 6pm. 

6.30: Floyd is still on the Tarmac at Brussels Airport. Stress levels gently rise. 

7.00: Doors open to 1200 expectant audience members. Stress levels continue to rise. 

7.30: Having completed the 40-minute flight from Brussels to Bournemouth and been driven in convoy from Hurn to Poole, Floyd ‘Money’ Mayweather arrives at Lighthouse with his entourage including a seven foot tall security guard and at least eight others. Duty manager Phil Cox and I deliver 120 chicken wings to Floyd’s dressing room. 

8.30: Floyd steps on stage. 

9.05 (about): Floyd’s entourage put his coat on and escort him off the stage. 

9.15: Floyd welcomes his meet-and-greet guests backstage. 

10.30: Floyd and his entourage leave the building so as not to miss their flight to Antwerp, the diamond capital of the world. 

“This was an important night for Lighthouse,” says Tom. “It was the first night of Floyd Mayweather’s first European tour and as such attracted a great deal of attention from fans and industry alike. 

“Given the delay in Floyd’s arrival we decided to flip the evening and run the meet-and-greet after the interview.  

“For me, the most impressive thing was the way the operations team worked together to deliver such a commercial event so well. We made sure we dealt with every detail that was within our control on behalf of our client, the promoter – if we got the call they wanted ice, we made sure it was there within a minute; the bar was kept busy all night and waiting time kept to a minimum. 

“This was nothing like a usual Lighthouse show, but the team rose to the challenge brilliantly – not forgetting it was a busy night in the Theatre as well – and as a result of this event and how it was managed we had enquiries about others.” 

Published 9 November 2020