This week’s #MondayMemories welcomes Poole singer songwriter Ronnie Mayor, one half of the Mayor-Mazda partnership in the band Tours that John Peel described as the “punk Lennon-McCartney". Resurfacing as Da Biz and then Biz Internationale before absconding to Australia in 1983. He stayed for 25 years but is back in Poole writing and recording his latest album The Icon Cluster was released just as we went into lockdown. 

With Biz Internationale we opened our own venue in the arts centre and ran our own gigs which went well, I think other bands followed us. I remember we were in the process of walking off stage when we supported Tina Turner. They tried to deny us a sound check and were just doing a number on us local lads. We had a sound check in the end and when we went on, they turned the monitors off. How sad they needed to pull the oldest trick in the book. 

Back in the early days the tiny cinema put on all the foreign films – Aussie, French, ItalianWorld cinema that we take for granted today, but back then it was a revelation to see those movies in Poole. Oh, and not forgetting the Monty Python film Life of Brian. 

Published 22 June 2020