This week’s #MondayMemories stretch back to the very first days of Lighthouse. 

Interesting reading in the thirty-third annual report of the Arts Council of Great Britain, titled ‘A Year of Achievement’ in which the chairman, Rt Hon Kenneth Robinson notes his “over-riding impression of the richness, diversity and vitality of the nation’s arts activities.”  

He goes on to bemoan the standstill in the amount of public funding for the arts – effectively a cut, he says, adding that the impact of every £1millionof Government expenditure on the arts is greater than in any other sector. 

All this is of interest to Lighthouse of course because the report covers the year 1977-78, the year our iconic building opened as Poole Arts Centre – an event that was duly noted in the Arts Council’s report: 

“Meanwhile at Poole the new Centre for the Arts opened its doors to the public early this year. This is the largest arts building to be built outside London for many years, for it includes a concert hall, administrative offices for the Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra, a theatre and an extensive range of Arts Centre facilities.

"Obviously there will be few projects on this scale until the economic situation improves, and even without the cutback in its funds it has become increasingly difficult for the Arts Council to make a significant contribution to large schemes such as this.” 

Published 2 November 2020