This week’s #MondayMemories finds Len Murray, assistant bars manager when Poole Arts Centre opened in 1978, recalling a flavour of those days.   

“I remember the enthusiastic excitement of everyone who worked there. Bill Sykes was my manager, great bloke. He left to drive Yellow buses. I had three managers in the short time I was there and was good friends with Sue Dinsmore, Tony Covell’s secretary, she was hilarious 

I remember the Kate Bush concert, what an amazing show, I’ve never seen anything like that before or since. I watched her setting up the sound and lighting in the afternoon before the evening performance and she swore like a trooper! And the Tina Turner concerts, she loved Poole so much she added an extra date at the end of her tour and came back! Fabulous days!  

I only worked there until I think the autumn of 1979 when I left to work at the Bournemouth Telephone Exchange as a night telephonist. 

Published 15 June 2020