As a social media companion to our weekly #MondayMemories we have been sharing stories about the concerts, shows, meetings and events that happened on this day in history.

Today, we take a look at two very different concerts that happened on 3 May - a decade (and worlds) apart...


On This Day... 3.5.80 Black Sabbath 

The first of two dates on the legendary Heaven + Hell album tour in which Black Sabbath introduced their expectant fanbase to the vocal charms of Ronnie James Dio, the replacement for the iconic Ozzy Osborne whose drink- and drug-fuelled excesses had finally proven too much for the rest of the band and been sacked. Supported by Angelwitch, this was only the third UK date of the tour and Dio already had the faithful in his pocket – there were more concerns over the stage set’s malfunctioning electronic cross that was supposed to flash lights then burst into flames... it didn't! In fact, it routinely to set anything much on fire for the whole tour, but undeterred, Sabbath returned to Poole the following February to play the penultimate show of the world tour, by which time Binny Appice had replaced the ailing Bill Ward on drums. 

On This Day... 3.5 90 John Martyn 

Out on tour in support of his new album The Apprentice - his first for four years and generally well received - John Martyn had a top band in the shape of Alan Thomson, Miles Bould, Dave Lewis and Spencer Cozens, but there were only 40-odd people there to see the show. Undaunted, he wore a ‘Stuff the Poll Tax’ t-shirt and delivered a sterling two-hour set that someone saw fit to record and circulate revealing a master craftsman at work on a set of old and new material including The Easy Blues, May You Never, Dealer, Outside In, Never Let Me Go, Sapphire, Couldn’t Love You More, Sweet Little Mystery, Send Me One Line, John Wayne, Deny This Love, Income Town, Angeline, Look At That Girl, Johnny Too Band and Lookin’ On. 

Published 3 May 2021