For this week’s #MondayMemories we remember the day Lighthouse made its movie debut... 

It was Friday 1 June 2007, my 41st birthday, and egged on by my then 12-year-old son, I was practicing rushing into the Concert Hall in a state of excitement – something I had done many times since I was his age in anticipation of seeing some band or other. 

Once inside we had to throw our hands in the air and look like we were having the time of our lives. And the reason for all this giddiness? We were among a thousand or so extras assembled at Lighthouse to fill scenes for the feature film Morris - A Life With Bells On. 

The film, which stars Sir Derek Jacobi, Ian Hart, Greg Wise and Naomie Harris, is a mockumentary-style comedy about a Morris dancer cast out of the Morris Circle for his wild ways and revolutionary style who then travels to Los Angeles to dance with the Morris men of Orange County and become a big star. 

Much of it was shot in and around Poole with Sandbanks doubling (improbably) for Venice Beach and Lighthouse as the scene for a climactic gig in which the dancers meld Morris and Rave and bring the house down. Or something like that. 

It was hot, there was a great deal of waiting around and precious little sense of what was going on, but if you watch the movie there’s a ‘blink-and-you'll-miss-it' moment when the lad and I are seen rushing into the Concert Hall. Emotionally I was going for excitement but may not have made is past bored and thirsty! (NC) 

Published 29 June 2020