Following the barnstorming Love For Lighthouse online benefit concert last Friday organised by alumni of Parkstone and Poole Grammar Schools, for this week’s #MondayMemories we invited former student Jenny Armitage to reflect on her love for Lighthouse... 

I have so many wonderful memories of time spent at Lighthouse, watching or performing. The pantomime on Christmas Eve, for example, has been a yearly tradition since I was tiny. I've played trumpet and sung in the Concert Hall in the school Pyramid Concert, Christmas concerts, as a member of the Wessex Youth Orchestra and Fanfares and when the stage is raised for the BSO Rusty Musicians scheme. Every time I walk into the Concert Hall I'm happy, because I'm either about to perform music that I love or watch music that I love. 

One memory that stands out in particular for me is from my last concert with the WYO before I went off to university. Our regular conductor Susanna couldn't make the concert so Frank Zielhorst, the then Leverhulme Young Conductor in Association to the BSO stood in for her. In secret, we planned a little surprise for him for concert night sections of the orchestra standing up and sitting down during Abreus wonderful Tico Tico.  

When the time came and the first section of the orchestra stood up during the concert I remember the flash of surprise that went through his eyes, and then the smile that appeared on his face and stayed there as he kept conducting even though we kept popping up in our places. I wanted to laugh so much, and I was smiling while I played as widely as my embouchure would allow.

Published 3 August 2020