This week’s #MondayMemories hears how Lighthouse Deputy Chief Executive Sara St George found herself waiting in the wings to tear off Sir Antony Sher’s trousers... 

"It was October 1997 and Antony Sher was starring in the Royal Shakespeare Company’s tour of its centenary production of Edmond Rostand’s Cyrano de Bergerac, translated by Anthony Burgess 

At the time, I was working full time for the producer Michael Rose, but was also a casual technician at Poole Arts Centre. Follow spot and dressing were my main, in fact only, talents.   

The show had a cast of 18 who doubled, trebled, quadrupled-up to bring 17th century France to life on stage so there were some particularly speedy quick changes 

I can see quite clearly the moment when I was waiting stage right for Antony Sher to come off stage and we had two minutes to change his costume. I was crouching on the floor ready to take off his shoes and pull off his trousers so he could step into new trousers while he changed his top.  

It was a total adrenaline rush, a frenzy of activity while the show was still happening just a few feet away from us.  

I had very little preparation – I was shown the drill once before the first show and just left to get on with it. That was quite typical, but I loved dressing as it meant I felt part of the show and could watch from the wings. 

The show continued on tour and ended up in the West End, at the Lyric, where it picked up a string of rave reviews."

Published 25 January 2021