Catherine Church, Artistic Director of Lighthouse associate artists Platform 4, can draw on nearly 25 years of Lighthouse memories, but for this week’s #MondayMemories she recalls one of the most ambitious and affecting pieces of work our iconic building has ever hosted. 

"I have so many cherished memories of Lighthouse going back right to the start of Platform 4 visiting in 1998. The great people, such as Helen Donaldson, Elspeth and Robin Cave and of course the brilliant Paula Hammond, who has now supported our work for almost 25 years!

My best memories of course are when we brought the 'Memory Points Experience' to Lighthouse in 2013. We made it as a site-specific piece especially for the back stage areas – a collage-like promenade around and about and ending up on the stage. 

The start of this headphone promenade was with the sound of a cruise ship’s horn, setting off on a journey. In all the places we made and re-made the show, Poole seemed the most appropriate for this. I have always thought of Lighthouse like a large ferry/cruise ship – and we were near the sea, naturally!  

Memory Points in many ways was the pinnacle of the work we were creating at that time and it became a big critical success, going on to be made for the Royal Festival Hall and the Southbank’s Queen Elizabeth Hall, twice.  

It was an hour-long journey made for groups of five people at a time so only a handful of people experienced the piece in the UK, but those who did I am sure will never forget it. 

A few memories from trying to re-envision it for Lighthouse... 

Lots and lots of blue doors. It became like a giant blue advent calendar, which I loved and all the white back stage corridors really suited the idea of getting lost internally and externally – sometimes wandering around those corridors with Pete Flood’s brilliant sound score echoing around my head it felt like I was in a 2001 A Space Odyssey! There was an epic nature to the architecture that really contrasted with the tiny pockets of colour and vibrancy that we hid around the building. Just like the lost and sometimes muddled memories of the participants we worked with you, just needed a key to unlock some of them. The stage at Lighthouse is particularly large so the impact from getting ‘lost’ back stage to making an entrance from the wings onto the stage for our audience was very striking. 

From my position in the band on stage I loved watching what the audience would come out wearing – I remember one guy in a bright pink skirt who looked like an exotic geni…! 

It was an incredibly special time in my life and in the life of Platform 4 and my brilliant team. I am so glad that Lighthouse was part of that.”

Published 14 December 2020