The modern working world is an intricate and vast place, which can be both exciting and incredibly intimidating at the same time. Graduate or not, the job-hunting landscape has morphed into a battlefield in recent years, often leading to a stressful and disheartening expedition due to the sheer difficulty in finding a job, even if you are perfectly qualified for the role.

As an avid writer with a passion for Journalism and Marketing, I found it very difficult to fulfil any of my creative ambitions in a retail environment, which is where I was working after finishing college. I was desperate to begin the career I envisioned whilst studying, so I started the hunt. It was a big struggle.

At the beginning of this year, I was desperate to find a job that was even remotely connected to what I wanted to do. That is when I found a job posting for Marketing Intern at Lighthouse, Poole’s centre for the arts. At this point, I was willing to work for free just to build up some sort of experience, so Lighthouse came along just at the right time. Not only does it offer an internship with very hands-on experience your learning and progress are closely monitored, and you’re paid for it too.

It was exactly what I had been looking for, a creative job role in an environment where I could learn and absorb everything around me. Above all, the thing I found most encouraging with this six-month internship, was the level of support and nurture that is provided. From the word go, I was trained in so many different areas, from web pages to press, ticketing systems to assisting with the seasonal brochure. I was given important responsibilities, teaching me to be confident and proactive in my professional approach, but never ignoring the fact that this was my first step into the Marketing world and that every day was an opportunity to learn something new.

My time as Marketing intern is now coming to an end and I am very thankful for this opportunity. I am now looking at Marketing Assistant roles, but without this internship I never would have been able to learn so much and add so many important skills to my CV.

The whole intern experience has really made me think about the modern working world and the lack of roles for those of us who sit in the middle, perfectly capable and experienced but lost in a sea of graduates. There are so many internships/apprenticeships that exist simply to take advantage of young people who are desperately seeking a role that will kickstart their career. Instead, why don’t we focus on nurturing the capable young workers out there trying to break into their careers?

By putting money and support into an internship scheme like Lighthouse, it benefits the company whilst giving an individual the opportunity they need, and ultimately contributes to the idea of the working world being a tiny bit less daunting.



By Mollie Campbell Published 3 October 2019